KWZ – IG Red #3

Another KWZ ink.  This is also an interesting color ’cause although it said it’s red, from the photo you can’t really tell it’s red.  This bottle turns from bright purple-ish red to this dark brick-like red under 15 sec.

The saturation is good for this bottle, showed better shading than the standard Turquoise.  Like the standard Turquoise, this color has a very good performance on iPaper UCCU, DoubleA, and ChaShin paper.  It did not bleed to the other side (might due to this pen is more self-contained than Elabo)  The drying time is also short, compared to other red ink or other KWZ ink.  However, we used to assume IG ink is waterproof, it turned out that the pigment of color would still be washed out by water and leave the oxidized gray-ish iron on the paper.

The only problem I can think about this ink is, it’s red, not that many people using red somehow (whether writing diary or regular documents)  it sucks.

CP value: 87/100


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