KWZ – Turquoise

A couple of Chemists from Poland started to make their own fountain pen ink and proudly named the brand with their initial – KWZ.  I have to say, I’m impressed by the quality of the ink and got over 30 colors of them.

Turquoise is always a tricky color since most of the company make their own version.  This bottle is from KWZ standard line (yes, they do have Iron Gail version) and since the producers were so proud of their ink, I’m going to kill whatever paper I can find in my office.

Color wise it is really saturated which limited the shading (might show up when using stub nib).  Very smooth but I’m not sure if it is that slow to dry or just because I use it with a water gun (lol)   It was not labeled as waterproof and the drip test showed the pigment will be washed out.  With Elabo SB nib, it did not feather out on iPaper UCCU, DoubleA, and ChaShin paper (from TW) and only penetrated ChaShin paper when I “force” the ink out.  No wonder they’re proud!

Overall, I’m happy with the ink (it also has a scent of wintergreen, better than Noodler’s ink) and might get the rest of the color to my collection.

CP value: 92/100


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