Pen from Daiso


Daiso, a grocery store from Japan, released their fountain pen manufactured by Platinum since late 2014.  This might be the cheapest pen I have so far (NTD$39, 108 Yen, USD$1.50+Tax, and so on) but worth more than what I’ve paid for.

This pen has 2 different converter/cartridge systems between general Euro (metal barrel) and Platinum only (plastic barrel) The pen in the photo is with metal barrel hence that you can throw in pretty much all kinds of ink cartridges, from the long Pelikan Edelstein to short J. Herbin.  It also fit general Euro converter but you probably won’t use it since the converter is more expensive than the pen itself.

Nib wise, not much. I only found medium (中字) across different Daiso.  For that price, well, the steel nib is smooth and not scratchy on both iPaper UCCU and DoubleA paper.  I’m relatively lucky ’cause out of 8 pens I got from Daiso, 6 of them have smooth tip (metal barrel) and 2 (plastic barrel) were so scratchy that I rather just throw them away.

There is 1 problem with this pen: airtight.  The ink evaporates so fast (compare to other clip on fountain pen) that really need to keep an eye on it.  This problem lead me to either constantly write with the pen or just simply use it as an ink review pen (not a full converter but enough to finish the review)

Overall, this is a pen that worth to play with.  When I do have some mysterious ink I have no idea if 1) the material is stable/safe for fountain pen, 2) the production date might be more than 5 years ago, or 3) just for messing around, you won’t feel sorry if the pen is so dead and not recoverable (lol) Besides, for this kinda price to start with, you won’t feel sorry either if you decided that fountain pen is not the thing for you.

CP value: 90/100

Measurement detail:
Capped: 133mm
Un-capped: 124mm
Cap-on: 158mm
Barrel diameter: 10mm
Section diameter: 8mm


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