KWD – Brown #3


This is the first time I have a vedio review.  Through the vedio, you can see the color changed from red-ish brown to yellow-ish brown when it dries.  Very interesting ink especially with stub nibs.

I typically avoid brown tone ink due to conflicts from work but this color… Sorry, I underestimated it.  This color is saturated with beautiful shading.  While writing, you have fun with the color changing (also estimate how fast you write) which similar to KWZ IG Red #3.

The down side is, it is not waterproof.  Oh well,  look from the bright side. It doesn’t bleed through iPaper UCCU, no feathering on DoubleA, and just left a little bit of trace on ChaShin paper.  It’s a good ink for daily use.

CP value: 92/100, as I was surprised!


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