KWZ – Flame Red

A very nice red color, similar to all natural strawberry jam (if you know what I mean).

It showed pretty orange-ish red if your pen has controlled ink flow and really solid, almost brown-ish red when, well, out of control (lol)  Not as bright as Pilot red, this I think can be used as daily writing color or even note taking (if the prof won’t be bothered)

Just happens in all the red tone inks, the drying time is very long (but still better than Noodler’s Apache Sunset)  And like all other KWZ ink I tried so far, it didn’t bleed through iPaper UCCU or  DoubleA, slightly through ChaShin paper, and just forget about Muji’s notebook (which cannot hold any of fountain pen ink)

CP value: 94/100 (yeah, I love red inks, bite me)


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