KWZ – IG Turquoise

So, another KWZ.  I didn’t make a video for this ink since the color itself is popular.  Yes, this IG ink also changes its color while drying.

It is similar to the standard Turquoise when it’s wet, slightly toward the darker side, and becomes really dark (like the photo) when it is completely dried.  In fact, I think the dried color is similar to Sailor Jentle Yama-dori (山鳥).

The drying time is relatively short comparing to the standard Turquoise and does show some shading.  With the drip test, turquoise color is washed off and leave the dark gray iron trace.  As all other KWZ inks, this did not bleed through iPaper UCCU (you can see some trace but it much just because of the oxidized iron), not much with DoubleA, and ChaShin paper surprising hold it pretty well.

CP value: 88/100, as it’s darker than what I used to use and I’m not a big fan of Yama-dori


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