KWZ – Blue Black

A very dry ink.  It is similar to RK 40710 Eisen-Gallus-Tinte “Scabiosa”, both texture-wise and color-wise.  The KWZ ink showed a hint of purple in the drip test and it also is in purple-ish gray tone in converter.

The drying time for this ink is very fast – it might be faster than 5 sec if using a regular nib.  Other than that, this color is not that surprised.  It doesn’t have water resistant that the IG Blue Black might be a better choice although initially IG BBK is blue and required a while to turn to BBK.

If you want something really “self-control” or just simply like RK40710 but don’t really care about the water resistant, this might be the ink for you (disregard about the availability….)

CP value: 80/100, I’m not a fan of drier inks…..


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