NIN x Pen88 – Fall

This is another bottle from the 12-color set that released by NIN x Pen88.  and yes, I still think somehow they have Sailor made their inks.

A very solid red which similar to J. Herbin 1670 Red except the green-ish sheen.  Sailor did not have that many dark red except some of the limited edition for stationary stores or stationary shows (well, they made Shuurushi for Pen and Message, but their own Oku-yama isn’t really red for me….)

Anyway.  As standard red inks, this color has relatively shorter drying time.  There is still some shading if the ink flow is out of control (lol) and will bleed through iPaper UCCU a little bit.

This ink is a much more useful red ink – if you want to use it as daily color, sure, not as Pilot Red that will kill your eyes.

CP value: ??, since it’s already sold out


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