Nostalgic Impressions – Dark Red

I love red, I have no idea how to explain and probably will not explain (I think I have over 70 red tone inks now…. always get a red bottle if I want to try a new brand)

Nostalgic Impressions, they released their inks in 3 different sizes and each size has different colors.  Since I only got the set for 50mL bottles, I have no idea if the dark red is the same for 50/25/10 mL.

A very quiet red.  Not as Pilot Red or Bung Box Lycoris Red (曼珠沙華) that telling the entire world “I’m here come look at me!!!” but not as Diamine Ox Blood that vicious (sorry) either.  There is trace of red pigments within strokes and I’m not sure if that’s the reason why the ink is kinda layered in the bottle.

Drying time is about standard and only bleed through iPaper UCCU mildly.  Not much shading or not as saturated as other reds.  Probably not red enough for exam correcting.

CP value: 80/100, as I’m not sure other than having fun, where else I can use this ink?


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