Parker – Washable Blue

This might be the most standard ink I can get easily – pretty much every book stores in TW carries it.  The bottle changes from time to time but the color is still the same.

Very standard – standard drying time, standard limited water resistant, standard flow, and standard penetration/no bleeding.  However, this ink has the problem that all blue inks have to face – color fading out.  As record, this photo is taken 2 months after initial review and the color had faded slightly already.  I’m not sure how long the strokes will last and I’ll keep you updated.

CP value: 70/100, considering how easy the color fading and how easy to buy one….


2 thoughts on “Parker – Washable Blue

    • Choumai

      It’s in my booklet for a while and I think it exposed to light (not direct sunlight) occasionally when I flip the pages. In general, Parker Washable Blue is famous for the fading during time (relatively faster than other blue inks).


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