Iroshizuku – Ama-iro(天色)

A very turquoise color ink (although its name is “sky color”)  Similar to RK 460 and Waterman South Sea Blue Ink but thinner texture-wise.  Pilot tends to have thinner inks that sometimes I would just open the bottle cap and just let it evaporate to have thicker inks.

Amount the blue inks, this bottle is relatively harder to dry (requires about 20 secs).  This really gets my nerves that to smear or not (gee, totally don’t want to think about this question)  No water resistant as usual and somehow slightly bleed through iPapaer UCCU. While the shading is pretty obvious when it’s wet, you can’t really tell the shading after dried.  With a finer nib, the shading might be completely gone (but may not bleed through paper that easy)

It is a workable color for office documents (if your boss is not that picky) and good for daily use.

CP value: 80/100, since it’s $35 bucks pre-tax in US…. there are several more inks that can use as a substitute


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