KWZ – Berry

Pretty berry (lol)  This looks like tones of berries (strawberry, cherry, blueberry, blackberry, raspberry…. etc) married in the food processor (looooool)  Oh yeah, seeds out please XD

It has pretty good shading and flow.  However, the drying time is close to my bottom line – have to pay extra attention when writing the review.  Also, it didn’t bleed through iPaper UCCU (now I’m not sure if UCCU is one wonderful paper or just KWZ is amazing)  Same as other KWZ, Berry didn’t have any water resistant that I kinda like the water-washed color.

Overall, I like this color.  This should be a nice one for some other use (not office documents)  and I’m waiting for Lamy Safari dark lilac to come for this ink.

CP value: 83/100, since it’s not going to work with office documents


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