Noodler’s – Nightshade

Ok, I admit that I bought this bottle for the name (my personal server has domain name with Nightshade)

This is a interesting color that I’m not sure if it’s brown or purple.  Initially I thought it was brown when I opened the bottle but it looked like purple when I did the water resistant test.  So, brown or purple? I’m still not sure.  If it goes according to the name, it should be purple, a very dark purple.  However when I dropped the ink on tissue paper and soak it in water, it came out with both purple and brown…  Well, you win, I have no idea how to categorize it.

As Apache Sunset, this ink is hard to dry – about 20 sec but I think it’s relatively fast for Noodler’s ink.  The saturation is good and should be good shading if using stub or 1.5 nib.  Very nice flow (probably all Noodler’s are) with low water resistant.

For a short period of time, the brown-ish color was so popular that everyone I know into color inks was using brown ink for daily uses.  As March 2016, people are now after dark green (or macha color) and kinda forget about brown.  Interesting.

CP value: 75/100, as I’m still not a big fan of Noodler’s but the solid color should work as daily color


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