Caran d’Ache – Idyllic Blue

This series of CdA ink has a pretty interesting shape bottle – it’s a hexagon, tilted, and the you have to take the bottle/box carefully or the bottom of the box will be fell off, lol.

The color itself is a little bit toward the grayish blue side – I’m not sure if it’s because the ink was in my pen for a while or it is the real color.  Slightly longer drying time but not to a point I feel anal about it.  Not as saturated as Sailor Blues and showed some shading.

Pretty much no water resistant (almost to Parker Washable Blue level) and  it bled through iPaper UCCU and DoubleA.  Considering the MSRP, it’s probably only good for collecting the bottle.

CP value: 69/100, the MSRP is way too high, I might give 75 if Goulet pen always sells it at $33.20.  Even though the price in TW is lower than US but this still won’t make it to 80/100


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