Fine Writing International -Urushi

Well, it supposed to be OOAK but ended up with 2 similar Nashiji Raden.  I’m not going to go into detail about Nashiji Raden or any specific skill about this pen (since I don’t know that much)  This will be mainly my memo for the pen.

These are custom-made urushi fountain pen from Fine Writing International.  The company is based in Taiwan since 2011 and has both lower end (mass production) and higher end (custom-made) fountain pens.

I placed the order somewhere in 2014 when I finally become independent.  Yes, I know it was risky to make the decision but it gave me the motivation to keep going.  At that time when the owner asked me what kind of Raden or design I want, I didn’t have any specific idea for the pen.  All I want is a Raden, with everything from FWI (others might have MB 149 or Pelikan M1000 to customize) and I want to let the urushi master and the owner to design the pen.  And one pen became 2 when SOMEONE heard me talking about the pen with the owner, he jumped in.  So he’s the one to blame for the almost 2 year production duration.

It’s really hard to say what this pen really worth.  To me, it’s something to remember or to remind me what I should focus on and the passion I need to remember.

Anyway.  Here is some detail about the pen:
capped: 144mm
un-capped: 132mm
diameter: 13mm/14mm
session: 9mm
nib: 18K M nib
no, I did not and will not put the cap at the tail.

CP value: priceless.


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