Kobe Ink – #20 Motomachi Ruji (元町ルージュ)

I got this bottle simply because it’s red.  I just can’t believe this bottle is so similar to Pilot Red =____=

Slightly longer drying time than other red inks (about 20 second)  This red is so bright and saturated that there is no shading at all and you probably cannot stare at it for long.  The ink flow is wet, plus I was using a BB nib, it bled through iPaper UCCU slightly and more on DoubleA.  The only paper can hold this ink so far is Tomoe Gawa paper.

It’s kinda hard for me to judge this bottle since I love red but this bottle is just so, wrong.

CP value: 60/100, no, I won’t buy it if I have a second chance according to the color and the price.


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