Kobe Ink – Oriental Blue


Kobe Ink is another series from Sailor (Sailor loves to do such thing – don’t ask me why, I have no idea)  The bottle is just like regular Sailor ink but seems like the color itself gets lots of attention that people are crazy about it.

This bottle is made for Oriental Hotel in Kobe, a custom-made color which specific said on the bottle, “Original Color.”  To most of the people, this is a blue ink and that’s all.  Initially I thought the same way until I got my hand onto one bottle (thanks to a fantastic big sister).

Color by itself, well, is blue, a very traditional blue.  But the drying time is half shorter than standard blue ink – which is a plus when you have to use the dipping pen or fountain pen at the hotel checking counter.  It is a very solid color that did not give any shading and with some level of water resistance.  The ink flow is dry but not as dry as RK40710 Scabiosa that did not bleed through iPaper UCCU or DoubleA.

In conclusion, this is a good ink but with the limited availability and the price, I don’t think I’d use this blue as daily color.

CP value: ??, since it’s sold out


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