Diamine – Monaco Red

Orange-ish red.  It even has some brown tone that slightly darker than the trace left on the cap.  It’s not my ideal red (I’m still looking for the Chinese ink style red) but interesting enough to give it a try.

Shorter drying time in general red colors (less than 10 sec) but it might because of a fine nib.  Not as saturated as Pilot red that gives some shading.  Initially I thought it’s similar to KWZ Flame Red but as you can see clearly the orange/yellow tone of the Flame Red, Monaco Red only leaves you a hint.

No water resistant as usual and the ink flow is wet but not bleeding through iPaper UCCU or DoubleA.  This color is not too bright that you cannot stare at but unless you love red so much, you’re probably not going to use it as daily color.

CP value: 79/100, nice color but won’t be a popular daily ink


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