Diamine – Vermillion

Pumpkin red but not as pumpkin as Diamine Pumpkin.  Slightly shorter drying time in comparison to other red ink and at a balance between saturation and shading.  Not much water resistant as usual and did not bleed through iPaper UCCU or Double with wet ink flow.

I think the reason why I got this bottle was it was on sale from one of the dealer in TW.  Not much cheaper but he was willing to do free shipping (yeah I was that lazy)  According to Wikipedia, this color was coming from cinnabar (HgS), which was the color I was looking for.  But it’s not the red I had in mind – I’m not sure if it’s the naming itself or something wrong with my understanding.

Other than it’s red, I can’t think about why I would get this color… (dear God, I think I have over 60 bottles of red…)

CP value: 70/100, don’t buy it if you have other red but if you just want to try Diamine red ink, why not?


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