de Atramentis – LE for Eslite SongYan Opening

Yap, my bad, another limited edition ink and only available in Eslite SongYan, which located in Taipei, Taiwan.  Not any store in Taipei, not any Eslite in Taiwan, only that specific one at SongYan.

This is so far my favorite ink from de Atramentis.  de Atramentis inks are known as the easiest ink to feather and bleed through most the paper but I don’t care.  I love this bottle that I fill it into my favorite pen (lol)

Yes, I ignored that this requires longer time to dry, close to no water resistant, bleeds through iPaper UCCU and DoubleA and all kinds of paper (except Tomoe Gawa paper), and feathering problem.  Love is blind, you know.

CP value: ??, since it’s sold out but I would only give 75/100 to be fair to other inks.


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