Mont Blanc – Albert Einstein

I like this color although I have no idea why this bottle cost more than 100 bucks now…  This is one of the LE inks that MB released in 2012, along with the fountain pen (I like the pen but not to the level to buy it)

Someone told me this bottle is purple-ish gray but I can’t really tell the purple part.  It is (to me) a more dense gray than the 90th Anniversary Gray, similar to CdA Infinity Gray without the green tone.  Slightly longer drying time, the ink flow wasn’t that wet as all other inks I’ve reviewed.  Saturation is good but I have to change one note that the shading is also good after completely dried.  It didn’t bleed trough iPaper UCCU or DoubleA, even gave a pretty nice shading on ChaShin paper.

CP value: 85/100, if you can still get it with the original price, other than that, forget about it.


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