Pilot – Capless Decimo

I love these pens for the convenience.  Decimo is thinner than regular Capless that fits my hand better (Capless is slightly too big for me, like MB149 is slightly too big for me also)  In this post, I have 3 different nibs for comparison.  The first photo is showing the different between strokes and the second photo is showing the different nib sizes.

Although I love the pen, I still cannot stand the extra fine nib (that one is not mine and it belongs to SOMEONE)  The nib itself is still smooth and soft as 18K nib should but it’s not flexible nib that don’t press it too hard.  The fine nib is mine that I was going to use it for daily note but ended up as a pen for traveling.  The stroke didn’t show much difference between extra fine and the fine nib, but the fine nib is softer than the extra fine.  Lastly, the medium nib.  It is my daily pen at work that thick enough to write but not that thick to a point that’s not readable (I didn’t get a change to play with B or stub nib) Smooth as others, the medium nib can show better shading of the ink (if the ink isn’t that saturated)

After the pros, here is the con: the clip.  Since it’s called “Cap Less”, it doesn’t have a cap to put the clip on.  Some people don’t like this pen because the clip blocks their way of holding the pen.  If you used to Lamy’s triangle session, the clip on Capless won’t be a problem for you.

CP value: 90/100, for the standard line (Pearl White, Red, Purple, Blue, and Black)


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