KWZ – Grass Green

I admitted, I just received entire package of KWZ ink – so finally decided that I should really work on “waste” the ink (lol)

Another naming nicely ink.  Very green, just like the field right after the rain.  Slightly easier to dry (compare to Raspberry), about 10-15 sec.  The shading wasn’t that tricky as the fruity color and stay that way on both iPaper UCCU and DoubleA.  I’m not sure how many KWZ ink I reviewed but I can’t really think about any one that would bleed through UCCU or DoubleA.  They are not that picky (thumb up)

I do think about some other inks that similar to this color – one of Diamine Green (I’ll put the name later) and RK #40520 might be…

CP value: 82/100, better color for notes in the office 😀


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