Kyo no Oto – Aonibi (京の音 – 青鈍)

A very watery ink.  The ink flow is like crazy on my Capless M nib.  I’m not exactly sure which company this series belong to (including KyonoOto and KyoIro) but anyway, I got the inks.  This set took me about 4 months to be arrived – mainly because of the old bottle design caused ink leakage.

The reason why I said it’s a very watery ink is that, it bled through iPaper and DoubleA.  It also bled through my lab notebook and Cha-Shin paper – I’m not sore about Tomoe Gawa paper but will try later.  It also feathered on all the paper I mentioned.

Drying time is quicker than average – less than 10 sec.  Very saturated color and hard to tell if there’s any shading.  No water resistant as usual and I’m not sure how bad the bleeding will be with the swab test.

CP value: 60/100, more like “have it for collection”, color is ok just too watery


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