Pelikan – 4001 Brilliant Green

Pelikan, oh Pelikan, somehow I love you and yet I hate you.  While I hate 4001 Royal Blue so much, this green is pretty nice.  No water resistant is totally a plus here since I’m using this bottle for an old old pen.

Very saturated.  I mean, at least I can still see some shading in the swab test with other inks.  But this bottle…. could someone tell me where is the difference??  This resulted with no shading with the F nib and it’s green, that’s all.

Short drying time, about 5 seconds.  The ink flow is nicely wet without any bleeding through iPaper UCCU or DoubleA.  With one of the oldest ink companies, this will be a good choice to fill up some old pens.

CP value: 89/100, probably the best green other than KWZ IGs….

( I really love the pen in the photo however there is some problem with the seal.  Ink would drop out from the edge of session and feeder/nib that I have to send it back to the seller.  Hopefully the seller can fix it and I’ll have a nice green celluloid pen to play with)


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