KWZ – IG Red

This ink changes color too – or just tell me which KWZ doesn’t, lol.  When I saw the ink review on the official website, I was like, WT…. color this is?  This is not red at all.  This should be purple or something else.  Blablabla.  Anyway.

It was pink (yes, pink) initially at first and then soon after (within 5 seconds on iPaper UCCU and less than 5 seconds on DoubleA) it changed into purplish dark pink, then ended up with the color in the photo.  Not really sure if that’s due to oxidation of IG or just because of the light (hopefully not both, lol)

Good drying time (I’m used to see between 10 to 15 seconds for red already), good saturation with some shading, nice ink flow but didn’t bleed through iPaper UCCU or DoubleA, and no water resistant as usual.  Yes, some color is still there within the stroke, and no, even with official ink review (I think it was for IG green #1 or #2), the producer stated that it’s not water resistant, it’s IG oxidized on the paper.  It’s an interesting ink that I think I will use with daily notes.

CP value: 86/100, fun to play with and not hurting my eyes after it dried.


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