KWZ – IG Blue #1, 2, 3, 5

Laziness again.  I decided to put all other IG blues that I haven’t reviewed together.

The problem with IG, is that no matter which blue you use, it ended up as grayish blue or dark gray.  #5 is the odd sheep in the line where #1 to #4 (please refer back to the post) are all like grayish tone.   The common things about KWZ applied here except for #3: similar short drying time, didn’t bleed or feather on iPaper UCCU or DoubleA, very saturated with limited shading, and water resistant came from the iron gall.

So let’s talk about #5.  I like this color – some how similar to Pelikan 2016 Edelstein Auqamarine but stood out with iron gall color changing and partial water resistant.  This is a color you would still classify as blue while the rest are like gray.  However, at the same time, you might not be used for regular office work since it’s with green shade, not very blue.

#3, on the other hand, is close to black.  I was surprised that it bled slightly through iPaper UCCU with Daiso pen.  It also takes longer to dry comparing to other IG Blues.  But still, after the iron oxidized, it’s kinda hard to tell between #1, 2, and 3.

CP value: 87/100 for all 4, if you only want 1 bottle, I might get #5 and use IG blue black for regular use.


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