Private Reserve – DC Super Violet

Very nice purple, somehow similar to Visconti Purple but still different.  The only thing I want to complain is, gee, this bottle is HUGE.  I mean, Noolder’s is 3oz (91mL) and it’s big enough, this PR bottle is 110mL – when am I going to finish it?

Quick facts: short enough drying time, very saturated with not-so-visible shading, wet ink flow, and didn’t bleed through iPaper UCCU or DoubleA.  The water resistant is slightly hard to say since there is still stroke trace on the paper but you can see the color had been washed off.

I would say this is a very charming color, even though I can’t use it at work.  I like this color more than Pelikan Edelstein Amethyst.

CP value: ??/100, since one of my friend said this color is DC convention only


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