KWZ – IG Violet #3

This color is tricky.  It changed color (again) but it doesn’t matter.  The only person who will see the color change is the one who writes with this ink – the rest will be stuck with the end result.

This time I was using dipping pen with 1.0mm nib that the drying time is shorter than directly from fountain pen.  Very good saturation and showed some level of shading after it dried and color finished changing.  It didn’t bleed through iPaper UCCU and DoubleA but not sure if it will have similar result as Menthol Green (it magically went all the way to the other side of UCCU a week after the review posted)

Overall, this is a nice color for daily use (not office use) and between IG Violet #2 and #3, I like #3 (slightly) better.

CP value: 80/100, still can’t use in the office.


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