Visconti – Turquoise

The left one (plastic bottle) is the current version and the right one (glass bottle) is 1 version earlier than plastic one (there are different labels for the glass bottles though)  Filled them into the same series of pen (from Fine Writing International) with the same nib size (Extra Fine) to tell the difference.

First of all, the glass version showed denser color which (I think) might due to the evaporation of the solvent.  This ended up with longer drying time and slightly better water resistant (although that still counts as nothing…)  Also, the shading didn’t show that well in the right hand sample.  Ink flow, goes along with the density, the older bottle is slightly drier than the newer bottle – but they are both wet enough to write nicely.

I have to admit that getting both version mainly for the bottle… damn it, they are killing my wallet 😥

CP value: 79/100 for plastic bottle as it’s not workable in the office, ??/100 for glass bottle as it’s discontinued


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