Lennon Tool Bar – Noshimehana

I just received this bottle in the mail today.  Lennon Tool Bar, I think it’s a one-man studio which based in Taipei, Taiwan.  I thought it was fun to try some small studios’ ink that might be the reason why I got it.

Since it’s a small studio ink, I tried with dipping pen to avoid all the possible clotting or damage to the pen.

Very interesting color – I actually wonder if this contains iron gall since it changed color from light purple to mid blue.  Not as dark as it claimed or the name told (which should be a very dark grayish blue)  Took me more than 25 seconds to dry (the fact was, I forgot to click the timer and when I realized, it was already over 25 sec)  Not very saturated but give pretty shading.  Surprisingly this has some water resistant (again, that’s another reason why I wonder if it contains iron gall) and didn’t bleed through iPaper UCCU or DoubleA.

CP value: 80/100, I’m not sure how stable it is and how safe it is with fountain pen…. but good color!


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