KWZ – All 60 colors

I had a very rough day (arrrrr) but this is one if the happy thing I have – I finish all 60 colors from KWZ, 21 IG and 39 Standard!!!!!  This is how much I love KWZ ink!!!

I’m not sure what’s the component in the ink but most of the KWZ won’t feather on, bleed through (almost) all paper – ok fine, the only exception is Menthol Green.  But I don’t care!  The ink itself is good for daily use and the naming is really accurate (oh well, Dark Brown is nearly black, that’s how DARK it is)

Hopefully they will have new color (or at least give me some chance to have the missing numbers XD)

Update 20170417

KWZ annoused they changed the formula for Menthol Green a while ago for the same reason.  I had the new bottle in a couple days ago and did a new review.  The old formula went all the way through iPaper UCCU and stained to the next page (will photo it as well).  So far, the new formula is still stayed on the paper and net yet travel to the following page.


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