Papier Plume – 14 colors

Had a day off because of the typhoon – stayed at home and being good.  I think I finished like 20 colors but this I completed all I have right now (4 more to come)

In general, Paiper Plume is also a good ink to choose (ok, except the Forget-me-not…. too many similar colors)  Over 19 colors to choose, the Pecan is a interesting brown (I’m not a big fan of brown/yellow/orange)  and the Midnight Blue is better (I think) than Mont Blanc ink with the same name.   Also the Oyster Gray, similar thing, I like it better than the other one from MB.  The Forest Green, however, falls into the same category with Forget-me-not – too many similar colors.  Not their fault, Diamine has at least 111 different color and KWZ has at least 60, it’s really really hard to have something that nobody did before.  This is just because I have KWZ first and Papier Plume later and I have bios since I don’t want to spend the money twice.

Overall, Papier Plume will be a good start of ink to write (KWZ just…. the production is so unstable)  No, not Diamine since it’s so picky about the paper.


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