Pen’s Alley – 8 colors

All 8 colors from Pen’s Alley.  The color name in romaji as following:
top left to right: Beni jō, Yamazaki gurīn, SutōnzuburaunKiken na iro
bottom left to right: Shēkā gurīnWain o katate ni, Momoiro no tameiki, Gurīn hāto

Pen’s Alley, a book and stationary store based in Okazaki Japan, released this series of ink with Sailor (yes, that Sailor).  The bottles in the photo is the newer version but not sure if Sailor will keep release this line with that bottle…

Most of the colors are nice, I really like Beni jo, very very nice red, and Sheka gurin is also a really good color.  However, the yellow… I was like “why this bottle called ‘the dangerous color’?” when I got the shipment and totally got the reason why after I wrote it on the paper.  IT KILLED MY EYES!!!!!! It’s even worse than JH Bouton d’or!!!  Gee, same reason here again, I got it just for the entire set….



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