Pelikan – Fount India

Another new ink that Pelikan released this year.  I’m pretty happy with it, lol.

Conclusion first: good ink in most all aspect – price, thickness, water resistant, and also EtOH resistant (not shown on the photo).

Very saturated black that didn’t really show shading.  It also didn’t feather/bleed through most of the paper, iPaper UCCU as the photo, DoubleA, Muji (depending on batch), Tomoe Gawa (on God I only have 1 ink that would bleed through Tomoe Gawa)…. But it does bleed through some horrible paper that I couldn’t find on daily basis.

Quick drying time amount all water resistant ink, wet ink flow but very thick texture (which I like a lot), and it DOES have ethanol resistant (tested with 75% alcohol).

The only thing I concerned is Pelikan stated on the outer box that this ink does contain some allergen – more like some chemical that irritated your skin to me.  Oh well, I’m not going to pour the ink over my body, who cares lol.

CP value: 95/100, should be stable enough to fill up in pens


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