Organics Studio – Accident

Oops, I forgot to test the ethanol resistant >___<

Organics Studio, I think it’s a either 1 person or 2 ppl small studio, based in Maryland.  I got their inks mainly for “fun” – how can you resist the inks named after all the elements?   Especially the color of the ink is correlated to the compound with the specific element… SHOT UP and TAKE MY MONEY!!!  This bottle isn’t belong to the period table series but it has penicillin structure on the box… fine, I’m in.

Back to the ink review itself.  I guess this color is a mixture of the fungi under Genus Penicillium (fine, you want to call them mold)  Somehow has some problem with regular dipping nib (the pigment would clotted together, and according to OS, “The ink has a high surface tension and doesn’t coat the nib very well on dip pens”)

About standard drying time for blue ink, Accident isn’t that saturated and gave enough shading to get alone with Azure color.  Wet ink flow but will be very hard to write when the solvent was reduced (hence that you might need a better seal pen)  Didn’t bleed through iPaper UCCU or DoubleA, surprisingly with water resistant.

CP value: 82/100, not really capable for work but it’s Penicillin!!!!!


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