Fine Writing International – Chinese Constellations (1&2 gen)

Ok, this will be slightly hard for me to review.

The Chinese Constellations, 星官, is a series of fountain pen released by Fine Writing International back in 2014 (1st gen in Jan 2014, 2nd gen in July 2014)  Even through the series is a mass-production line, the total number (I think) is less than 2000 pieces.

The barrel is made with acrylic.  With the coloring method, there are no 2 identical pen in the world.  Those in the photo are the ones I have, still missing 3 colors I think.  Disregard with the naming (that’s painful to translate them), my favorite one is the red one (4th from the right).

The steel is extra fine (with some exception if you’re lucky) from WIN, Germany.  Very standard European nib size that good for daily use.  It has some flexibility (NOT A FLEXIBLE NIB, NO, NOT, DON’T) that not as hard as Lamy nib and isn’t that easy to get tired after whole day writing.

Here is the facts for this series:
capped: 142mm
un-capped: 102mm
diameter: 13mm/14mm
session: 11mm
nib: steel nib, normally EF, occasionally F
You can screw the cap onto the tail but I didn’t do that.

CP value: 97/100, considering this was about $30 USD


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