Mont Blanc – William Shakespeare

Mr. Shakespeare.  Sorry but I’m not really a big fan.  I got this bottle mainly for the color – it’s red, at least in the flyer it is red.

The color by itself is kinda similar to Diamine Matador and Monaco Red but not as easy to bleed through as Diamine (1 point goes to MB).  However the price was not as friendly as Diamine…. ok, between the price and the pickiness, I still go with MB.

About standard drying time for red ink, this bottle is very saturated that didn’t give much shading.  Some rumor saying that this ink has silver sheen – I doubt it.  I tried with Tomoe Gawa paper, no sheen; iPaper UCCU, no sheen; DoubleA, still no.  I think I’m done with sheen searching.  To more daily use base, I rather focus on shading than sheen since shading can be showed on almost all kinds of paper while sheen is like, you found me, no you don’t, did I flirt you, oh yes (if you know what I mean…)

CP value: 80/100, good color but not the price….


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