Kobe Ink – Santica

The new blue from Kobe Ink.  I’m not sure who started it but all Kobe Ink are now limited to 2 bottles, 1 color each per person.  Totally WTF moment.

The ink.  It’s blue.  Can I end here? /slap by fish

About standard drying time, within 10 sec, which is good for blue ink since it’s a daily use color.  Very saturated like all other Kobe Blues, no water resistant and low for shading.  Initial ink flow was pretty wet but when it started to dried out, you can feel the resistant on the nib (totally unlike RK460… I can reduce the bottle to 50% for a very dense turquoise but not with this bottle)

It’s like regular blue and you probably won’t tell the difference unless you put all the Kobe blues (Oriental Blue, the Museum Blue, and this Santica Blue) image as following:

For these 3 limited Kobe blue, Santica is more like MY blue to use (the other one might be S.T. DuPont Royal Blue or KWZ Azure) By giving all that, I don’t think having them all is necessary if not for collecting purpose.

CV value: 80/100, much better for other Kobe ink but still….


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