Kobe Ink – Nagasawa Chaska

Kobe ink special released for Nagasawa Umeda Chayamachi.  Not really sure how limited it is but was released as limited edition (like 50 bottles in total… I don’t buy it XD)

Very standard Sailor ink facts: no water resistant, good saturation, some shading and wet ink flow.  It didn’t really bleed through iPaper UCCU but I didn’t try with DoubleA – some of Sailor inks WILL bleed through most of the paper even with extra fine nib.

Color by itself… somehow I think it’s similar to Super5 iNK Dublin and Kyonooto Kokeiro but 1 shade darker.  This is a color that slightly harder to find in European ink companies.

CP value: 75/100, I’d go with Super5….


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