Mont Blanc – BMW

Another “for the brand” purchase.  Not really for Mont Blanc but for BMW.  According to the web, there are 3 different “versions” of this ink – 1 sold from Mont Blanc, 1 sold from BMW dealer, and 1 more I have no idea where it was sold.  The only difference between all 3 is on the box – with or without the BMW silver label and in which language.

So back to the ink itself.  It’s blue.  The famous BMW blue.  And pretty much that’s all.  I would take Balzac instead of BMW.  It’s just a not-very-excited blue, too many similar colors out there that really no need to get this specific bottle.

Quick fact: quick drying amount blue inks, saturated that closed to no shading, wet ink flow and didn’t bleed through iPaper UCCU but feather a little bit on DoubleA.  Also, when the ink flow is very wet, it has a mild redish sheen on DoubleA.  Probably the only plus.

CP value: 60/100, well, for the brand.


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