Kobe Ink – Sol Light Green

Kobe ink again.  Not a surprising color from Sailor since this is similar to Clover from Joshiiro-ink (女子いろDays, discontinued as 20160905) and I think there should be 1 or 2 similar inks from Diamine (Light Green? Maybe, haven’t check with Diamine for a while.)

Straight to the facts: quick drying time, saturated enough but showed some shading (less than Clover), no water resistant, wet ink flow.  This bottle WILL bleed through iPaper UCCU (not as bad as Hitachi Matsu or Miru Ai from Sailor)

Other than it’s a Kobe Ink, I don’t know if I would really buy it for the color since I don’t use green that much.  Besides, if I can tolerate the watery Diamine, I might not need to buy Kobe Ink at all.  This color did not show up in their standard line so… who knows? lol

CP value: 70/100, not a big fan of green, nice color though


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