Sailor – Juni Hitoe

The name, Juni Hitoe, translated to “12 layer robe” which is one of the most formal clothing for the Japanese lady in the history.  Sailor and Voltaire (a fountain pen store in Japan) released this set of ink back in 2010 (I think, can’t recall)

Anyway, back to the ink.  The ink bottle is the regular Sailor diamond shape bottle that Sailor made for most of the “store-only” inks.  They came with a bamboo stand which I guess it might refer to “Taketori Monogatari” (The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter) – the stand might also be the reason why it was slightly more expensive than other Sailor limited ink (2280 yen vs 2000 yen before tax)

6 colors.  Hana-asagi (top left), Koki-hanada (top middle), and Kuro-tsurubami (bottom right) are more useful colors.  Kuro-tsurubami is black with a hint of green, somehow similar to RK 707 but denser.  Moegi (top right) and Ebi-zome (bottom left) are good for note taking or just writing the diary.  Koubai-iro (bottom middle) is soft and bright – not neon as Lamy Coral – which is also good for regular use.

Overall, I like this set.  The only problem is, they are limited 😦

CP value: ???, I’d give 95/100 if this is not a limited set


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