Fine Writing International – Chinese Constellations (3 gen)

This is the 3rd gen of Chinese Constellations released by Fine Writing International.  In the first photo, the most left one is the prototype which didn’t make it to the final production; mid 7 are regular released by Fine Writing International (and some of those are still available through their FB and website); and the last 2 on the right are released for one of the FB Group to celebrate achievement of 20K members.  The bottom photo is the nib for the regular release, blacken steel nib from EF to 1.5mm.

This pen is capable with converter, cartridge, and dropper that the capacity of ink increased to 3.5mL (still less than Namiki #50 but good enough for this level)  Barrel itself is made with harden plastic that won’t be broken if dropped from adult height.  Top of the cap, session, and end of the tail are made with acrylic that there won’t be 2 identical pens in the world.

Here is the spec of this gen:
capped: 152mm
un-capped: 139mm
diameter: 13mm/14mm
session: 17mm
nib: steel nib, EF, F, M, B, 1.1, 1.5
You cannot screw the cap onto the tail.

CP value: 93/100, considering this was about $40 USD ($10 more than previous gen)


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