Iroshizuku – Yama-budo

I still think this is a very watery ink.  Red-ish purple, not really my cup of tea though.  Ebi-zome from Juni Hitoe is kinda similar to this bottle – I thought there are many similar other but can’t think about it right now.  Somehow similar to Rohrer & Klingner 320/330/340 but still not what I was thinking about.  Oh well.

Relatively solid color in Iroshizuku series.  Slightly longer drying time comparing to other purple color inks.  No water resistant as all other Pilot inks.  Wet ink flow with some shading.  Good thing with Iroshizuku ink is, it’s not that easy to bleed through iPaper UCCU or DoubleA and did not feather out that easily (some Sailor inks feather like no tomorrow)

CP value: 70/100, ink itself is fine but the price… hey I know a good looking bottle is important but I can’t write with the glass bottle, lol


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