Visconti – Blue (New Version)

A very regular blue.  Seriously, it’s blue.  Can I leave now (lol)

Very similar to Aurora Blue, Diamine Majestic Blue, Sailor BE, Kobe Ink santica, Mont Blanc Royal Blue…. and so on.  Told you, a very regular blue.  Standard drying time within 15 sec (tolerable), no water resistant as usual, good saturation with some shading, and wet ink flow.  The blur in the photo was due to the ink cannot stick to the dipping pen (obviously, since it’s fountain pen ink not dipping pen ink) so it won’t happen if you load it into fountain pen.  There is not much different between the newer version of Visconti blue and old version and I got both version just simply 1) I like the old boxing, and 2) I want to try the ink. No need to search for the older version unless you want the glass bottle and the synthetic leather box.

CP value: 80/100, not necessary to buy if you have other blues.

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