Diamine – Amber

I think I bought this bottle as accident.  No idea why I would get this – not a very useful color.  Also, this color is no where to be close to Pelikan Edelstein Amber, more toward to Noodler’s Apache Sunset.

Diamine, somehow I don’t like this brand because of the pickiness of the paper.  Not this Amber but some other colors can bleed through the paper, give up and only write on one side.

So this Amber.  I guess it’s very close to the real amber (the organic stone one).  Standard drying time, good shading as Apache Sunset, very wet ink flow as all other Diamine inks, and no water resistant as all other Diamine regular inks.  Surprisingly it didn’t bleed through iPaper UCCU but left some trace on DoubleA.  In the range of yellow, this is a more tolerable color  to use for highlighter.

CP value: 60/100, not a very useful color


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