Sailor – Mushagaeshi

Another black.  If I really have to say what’s the difference between all the blacks, the drip test session might be the only spot to tell the story.

So this bottle is released by Sailor for I have no idea which store (got it from a friend)  You know, Sailor, always released for different stores with similar color.  I like the drying time, about 10 sec, not too slow that I would smear everything I wrote and I can still see some wet ink while writing.  Much more saturated than Cartier’s black, this bottle did not have the grayish smear but can be washed out with some yellow tone (interesting!)  Wet ink flow as other Sailor inks but this bottle did not bleed through iPaper UCCU or DoubleA or PaperOne.  Good choice for daily use (if ignoring the price)

CP value: 75/100, the price tag is still higher than others.  I mean, not the Yen tag but with all other extra cost (shipping & handling & tax &….. so on)


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