Lamy – Pacific Blue

So I finally got this bottle (the new release for 2017 Lamy Al-Star) and I thought it was the regular line Turquoise (both pen and the ink)  With the dipping pen, it is slightly easier to dry than Turquoise and when you compare them side by side you can tell the difference.  Pacific blue is more toward the blue end and Turquoise has the green hint.  Both showed no water resistant and similar level of saturation and shading.  Nicely wet ink flow and didn’t bleed through iPaper UCCU or PaperOne 70gm.

Here is the photo for Lamy Pacific blue (left) compare to Turquoise (right) side by side:

And here is the photo for 3 different inks (Lamy Turquoise, Lamy Pacific blue, and Iroshizuku Ama-iro) comparing side by side:
(applied with Q-tip on iPaper UCCU)

Honest speaking, I don’t think I would buy this bottle if it’s not an “ink of the year” thing.  The first sight was way to similar to Turquoise (I asked the teller since when you have Al-Star Turquoise and he was laughing saying that was the pacific blue I was asking last time I visited) and I think it is also similar to Levenger Blue Bahama.

CP value: 75/100, ok to have one for the “ink of the year” but too similar to other colors.


2 thoughts on “Lamy – Pacific Blue

    • Choumai

      I didn’t know it was “repacked” Turquoise and they didn’t look the same when I did the side by side comparison. And since they had different names, I treated them as different inks.
      I’m not saying the Pacific blue isn’t a good ink, I like the color. It’s just too similar to some other inks I already had. As a collector, I got the Pacific blue to complete my collection. But as a ink user, I might suggest not to buy this due to the crazy young kids who ruin the ink market in TW. Can you believe that I have to go to the Lamy store physically to preorder this ink and no other place carry it? It’s sorta complaining but it’s just annoying….


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