Sailor – Storia Spotlight

This. Killed. My. Eyes.

This bottle is from Sailor that when everyone was releasing water resistant inks (about time when Super5 released) and as the evil Sailor always does, this bottle is really cute.  I was happy when I got it as a gift until I did this review.

Yellow.  It wasn’t as bad as Pen’s Alley “Kiken na iro” but still bad enough to cry for my eyes.  It’s hardly visible with regular light and I’m not sure if it bleeds or feathers on iPaper UCCU (I didn’t try PaperOne or DoubleA this time)

The drying time is about 15-20 sec, can’t really tell if there is any shading or sheen since it’s too bright.  Water resistant is good as it advertised as “water proof” ink.  Similar color choice might be J. Herbin Bouton D’or and R&K 210 SunFlower, I’m not sure about PR ButterCup, and for sure not Pelikan Duo Highlighter (it feathers badly)

CP value: 65/100, if you really need some highlighter color with water resistant.


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